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About Us

Yuxin Chinese School

Yuxin Chinese School was founded in 2006, with the mission to provide Hong Kong students with a high-quality Chinese language and literature education in Putonghua. Currently, we offer comprehensive Putonghua and Chinese language and literature courses for local and international school students ranging from three year old kids to High school students. Meanwhile, we also provide tailored Putonghua courses for adults.

During the past years, we have tried our best to provide excellent teaching services to students. We are pleased to see that our education quality has been recognized by the community. We’ll keep on doing our best to provide better teaching everyday to show our appreciation of the trust and gratitude from parents and students.


Teachers’ Qualification

  • Native Putonghua speaker
  • Bachelor degree from universities of Mainland China
  • Master degree from universities of Hong Kong
  • passed Putonghua Oral, Chinese writing and lecturing test



Teaching Characteristics

Teaching according to students aptitude

Our principle is to let students learn at a suitable pace according to their individual learning capacity. All students must accept assessment before start taking courses. Students’ Putonghua and Chinese language level, learning ability and learning attitude will be taken into consideration in order for our teacher to choose appropriate courses for students. After enrollment, our teacher will pay close attention to each student’s learning status and keep parents informed about student’s progress.

Learning with fun

Interest is our best teacher.
Students’ learning interests are usually influenced by two factors. One is whether courses are interesting or not; another is sense of achievement students experienced through learning. Through our scientific course design and effective teacher training, students could learn knowledge and have fun at the same time.

Encouragement and Inspiration

Our teachers pay close attention to each individual student’s characteristics and psychological qualities. And use proper methods to encourage and inspire students, help them build their confidence of listening, speaking, reading and writing in Putonghua.


High-standard education can only be achieved through joint effort from teachers, students and parents. Communication with parents has always been valued. We encourage parents to learn more about students’ learning status in our school.